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RATES:   2023-24 FEE SCHEDULE:                                    

 Weekly Rate

 $60/week (must pay full week to get the $12/day rate)

 Daily Rate

 $15/day (if prepaying for individual days of the week)

 Drop-in Rate 

 (Accepted until 10:00am only)

 $20/day (Any student who has not prepaid by Sunday night or being dropped in before noon.)

 Late Pick Up

(Starts at 6:01pm) 

 $15 for every 15 minutes, per child


In an effort to provide your child with the best possible experience in the After School Program (ASP) while also keep staffing costs manageable, we are making some procedural changes that will allow us to know in advance how many students we can expect in the Program each day. Previously, parents could sign up for ASP up until 12:00 p.m. on the day they wanted their child to attend, which made scheduling the correct number of ASP workers difficult (and as a result, led to turnover in ASP staff as some sought more reliable hours/schedules elsewhere). To address this issue, we are implementing a new enrollment and payment system that we believe will improve the program.

1. Schedule ASP online and pay by credit or debit-card. Access the payment link, select the week or specific days you would like your child to attend, add to car and pay with a credit or debit card. Please know that a convenience fee of 3.85% will be applied at check-out.

2. Schedule ASP with your child’s teacher or with the school’s front office staff. Payments by check or cash using the designated ASP envelope must be sent into the school by the Friday before the Sunday night deadline each week. This may mean sending payment to school on each Friday. This allows parents to avoid the convenience fee.  

3. In emergency situations: parents can sign their student up for ASP until 10:00 a.m. on the day they need their child to attend ASP. This can only be done by contacting the school’s front office. Please note: the “Drop-in Rate” of $20 per student will apply and must be paid at pickup. 

 Notes: ASP dates must be pre-purchased by 11:59 p.m. on the Sunday prior to the scheduled ASP dates needed. After deadline, your student will be dropped into ASP and that fee will apply.


The mission of the Cherokee County School District’s After School Program (ASP) is to strive to establish a safe and caring environment for students that allows opportunity for individual and social growth with a minimum of formal structure. Children engage in activities that encourage creativity, social relationships, appropriate behavior and a positive self-image.


The After School Program of Cherokee County School District is designed to provide:

• After school care for students who would otherwise be home alone in an unsupervised situation

• After school care for students whose parents work and need the assurance that their children are in a caring, safe environment

• After school enrichment opportunities for elementary-age students.

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